Apple May Shake Up its iPhone Launch Cycle in 2021 Claims Analyst

iPhone 12 concept by phoneArena

According to one J.P. Morgan analyst, Apple may shake up its iPhone launch cycle in 2021, while also debut four new iPhone models in 2020.

J.P. Morgan analyst Samik Chatterjee wrote in a note to investors today, ““Based on our supply chain checks, we are expecting a strategic change in the launch cadence with the release of two new iPhone models in 1H21 followed by another two in 2H21, which will serve to smooth seasonality around the launch.” (via CNBC).

In other words, instead of Apple always launching new iPhones in the fall, the company may split them up, with one launch in the spring and another in the fall.

As for fall 2020 iPhones, Chatterjee says four models will debut with the following OLED screen sizes:

  • 5.4-inch
  • 6.1-inch x 2
  • 6.7-inch

The 2020 iPhone sizes listed above echo what South Korean outlet, ETNews, reported last month, but the latter only mentioned one 6.1-inch model.

“The 2H20 lineup will include all OLED phones, with screen sizes of 5.4″ (one model), 6.1″ (two), and 6.7″ (one), broadening the screen size range from 5.8″ to 6.5″ in 2019,” explains Chatterjee’s research note.

As for new features, 5G support and larger screen sizes will encourage existing users to upgrade.

“We expect the two higher end models (one 6.1″, one 6.7″) to include mmWave support, triple camera and World facing 3D sensing, while the lower-end models (one 6.1″, one 5.4″) will include support for only sub-6 GHz and dual camera (no World-facing 3D sensing),” added the analyst.