Apple’s New Privacy Terms Hurting Facebook’s Ads Business

In a blog post, Facebook has today acknowledged the performance and measurement issues advertisers are encountering on its platform while noting that Apple’s new privacy terms will continue to cause headwinds for its ads business in Q3 (via Axios).


“As we noted during our earnings call in July, we expected increased headwinds from platform changes, notably the recent iOS updates,” said Facebook’s VP of Product Marketing Graham Mudd.

For the past many months, Facebook has been saying that Apple’s tracking changes are not about privacy, but rather a move to assert dominance. Apple, however, says it changes are aimed at improving the experience for its consumers.

“In some cases, this is due to underreporting on our part. Our estimate is that in aggregate we are underreporting iOS web conversions by approximately 15%; however there is a broad range for individual advertisers. We believe that real world conversions, like sales and app installs, are higher than what is being reported for many advertisers.”

Facebook says it will continue to adapt its systems to help users reach their customers, and improve business outcomes.