Apple Tracking Work Hours for Over 1 Million Supply Chain Employees Per Week

Apple last month noted on its Supplier Responsibility page its January and February Supplier Work-Hour Compliance for had reached 99% in its efforts to ensure tracked employees are working no more than the required hours per week.

This morning Apple has updated its page to indicate the company now tracks an average of more than 1 million employees per week, as of March 2013. This increase of tracking has resulted in a dip of its workweek compliance to 97% for the month in sticking to the 60 hour workweek, as noted in the chart below:

Screen Shot 2013 04 25 at 8 49 14 AM

Apple notes the average hours worked per week has been under 50 and the average compliance from suppliers has been at 92% since the program was expanded in 2012, in an effort to end the common industry practice of excessive overtime.

The company’s 2012 Supplier Responsibility Report was published back in January.