Artist Imagines Apple’s Mixed Reality Headset, the ‘Apple View’

While we don’t know what the device officially looks like, an artist has put his own spin on the rumoured Apple VR/AR headset — the Apple View.

Designer Antonio De Rosa has taken the liberty of imagining what Apple’s highly-anticipated mixed reality headset might look like, taking design cues from previous Apple products and incorporating them into something new that he calls the Apple View.

In line with Apple’s minimalist design aesthetic, the headset features a simple black and silver design with what looks like a glass front and a aluminum frame, reminiscent of the latest iPhone lineup. There’s a couple cameras up front, as well as a couple on each side, and what could be a light sensor, as well.

The headset’s strap in similar to the Apple Watch Sport Band, made of what seems to be Apple’s high-performance fluoroelastomer material, along with what could be some kind of combination of magnetic and pin‑and‑tuck closure.

The headset’s padding seems to be covered in a kind of soft cloth, while the inside features a nose pad as well as two lenses for vision while using.

Take a look at the entire gallery over at Antonio De Rosa’s website.