Some Canadian Apple Watch Preorders Slated for May Now ‘Preparing for Shipment’

Looks like some Apple Watch preorders slated for May deliveries are now ‘Preparing for Shipment’, as shown by iPhoneinCanada reader @itsCyrusR, whose watch had an arrival estimate of May 13 – May 26:

Apple watch stainless early ship

Meanwhile, U.S. customers are seeing similar movement with their preorders, as MacRumors notes some May and June delivery estimates have similarly moved to ‘Preparing for Shipment’.

Just over a week ago, Apple reportedly informed a customer Apple Watch preorders could ship sooner than June, and now it appears that email may have had some weight. Most of the time though, Apple does provide larger delivery windows to set customer expectations during product launches when constrained by limited supply.

On Monday, some of the first Apple Watch preorders in Canada were moved to ‘Preparing for Shipment’, which most likely means delivery will happen on April 24 for those in major urban centres.

Has your May or June Apple Watch preorder moved to ‘Preparing for Shipment’?