Apple Watch Sleep Tracking May Be Coming Soon: Report

Guilherme Rambo for 9to5Mac reports sleep tracking for Apple Watch is apparently coming soon:

Today, 9to5Mac has learned from sources inside Apple that the company is working on sleep tracking for the Apple Watch, which won’t require any special hardware to work. The new feature could be announced as early as next week when the company is expected to announce the next generation iPhones and possibly a revised Apple Watch with titanium and ceramic options.

The feature is called “Time in Bed tracking” and is known internally as “Burrito”. The feature will let Apple Watch users wear their device to bed and more than one wearable can be assigned as a bedtime watch.

“While asleep, the Apple Watch will track the user’s quality of sleep using its multiple sensors and inputs, including the person’s movement, heart rate, and noises. Data about the user’s quality of sleep will be made available in the Health app and a new Sleep app for the Apple Watch,” writes Rambo.

The problem with wearing an Apple Watch to bed is battery life. Which is why Apple is said to announce a feature which reminds customers to charge their watch before bedtime, to allow for sleep tracking to work.

This new feature will also make better work of alarms with iPhone and Apple Watch. If you wake up before your alarm, Apple Watch will automatically turn your alarm off. Alarms will sound only on your watch and iPhone will be the backup. An option will allow for a vibrate-only alarm option, while the new feature will also enable Do Not Disturb when one goes to bed. Users will gain a sleep tracking complication to manage from their Apple Watch face.

Rambo also said later on Twitter a new watch face is coming from Nike: “Another new thing to come with this year’s Apple Watches is a new face inspired by the classic Nike Windrunner jacket, with up to five complications.”

Will these new features be limited only to rumoured titanium and ceramic Apple Watch models coming soon? We’ll find out at Apple’s September 10 special event.