Apple’s Free iOS App of the Week: Shadow Bug


Shadow Bug by Muro Studios is Apple’s free app of the week. The game normally retails for $3.99 and is free for this week only.

The gorgeous new action platformer game will have you hooked if you enjoy dark and mysterious environments in your puzzle games. The rise of the dark and gloomy silhouette-heavy games has steadily grown, and I’m not sure if we’ve reached the peak yet.

This unique art style is rather immersive, creepy, and just fun. Visually, Shadow Bug is stunningly beautiful. The game stands out due to the hand drawn environments that you see in the backgrounds, which even have a parallax effect. The game’s art looks exquisite and there’s plenty of detail, so it’s obvious that the developers put a lot of care into the game.


Shadow Bug provides players with several different chapters that have about eight levels each, including a boss fight.

Shadow Bug is available as a free download (normally $3.99) from the App Store. The game requires any iOS device running iOS 7.1 or later. The app contains no in-app purchases.