Apple’s US Smartphone Market Share on the Rise in November, comScore Says

Today, comScore has published its monthly report on the status of the US smartphone market. This time, the market research company looks back to the September to November 2013 period, which places Apple ahead of all other smartphone manufacturers with a 41.2% market share. The percentage is close to what Kantar Worldpanel recorded during that period, but, while the latter focuses on showcasing how Apple loses market share on a year-over-year basis, comScore points to Apple’s growth in the US.

Top smartphone OEMs US comScore

As of November, 152.5 million people in the US owned a smartphone, which means a 63.8% market penetration. Of them, 41.2% opted for an iPhone — up 0.5% since August 2013 — and 51.9% for an Android handset. However, when broken down by manufacturer, Apple is distantly trailed by Samsung, which owns 26% of the US smartphone market, according to comScore’s data. Motorola grabbed the third place, with 6.7%, while LG was the choice of 6.5% of US smartphone users.

ComScore november US smartphone market

Android is still the king of smartphone platforms, followed by Apple, while BlackBerry continues its slide, now retaining only 3.5% of the market.