New Apple TV 4K Supports 4K HDR 60fps Streaming on YouTube

The new Apple TV 4K supports 4K HDR on YouTube videos.

The new Apple TV 4K officially launches in Apple Stores around the world on Friday, May 21. Ahead of its release, a number of reviewers got an early look at the new Apple TV and one has noticed that the device is able to show 3840×2160 @ 60fps in HDR in the YouTube app.

Previous Apple TV models weren’t able to stream HDR content on YouTube, and when 1080p first came to YouTube, the capability was there, but the content was not.

Additionally, the old Apple TV 4k always had 4k HDR 60hz output, but some apps (specifically YouTube due to the codecs it uses) never actually played back videos 4K/HDR/60fps as the option just wasn’t available in the app.

But now that HDR content is slowly increasing on the streaming platform, new Apple TV 4K users will be able to enjoy the high-quality videos in all their glory.

The new box comes amid increased competition in the fields of media streamers and smart TVs, with Roku and Amazon making up the lion’s share of the market with their respective platforms, Roku, and Fire TV, and this new capability will help it stand above the rest.