Carrot Rewards to Kill Free Daily Step Goal Rewards in Ontario Starting Dec. 8

Carrot Rewards has announced a major change for users in Ontario, as free daily step goal rewards are coming to an end on December 8, 2018. The province of Ontario invested $1.5 million towards the program last year.

In an email to users in Ontario, Carrot Rewards says the only way to earn daily step goal rewards is to sign up for the new Carrot Plus subscription service.

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Carrot Rewards says “members of the free version of Carrot Rewards will still earn for completing Step Together Challenges with friends and for completing quizzes.”

The fallout of this change has already started on social media, with many upset about the removal of daily step goal rewards. Some members have asked Carrot Rewards to delete/remove their accounts. The only way to do so is to contact Carrot Rewards.

Just last week, Carrot Rewards announced Carrot Plus, a paid subscription model for members to earn fast-tracked rewards.

Carrot Rewards is currently only available in BC, Ontario and Newfoundland, with plans for a national expansion coming in early 2019. The app integrates with Apple Health and lets users collect rewards for meeting daily step goals. The reward system partners with provincial governments to incentivize activity today, potentially saving money in the future towards healthcare costs.

Last week, Carrot Rewards announced it had reached a 1 million user milestone.

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