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CBC Partners With Twitter Canada to Extend Reach of Rio 2016 Coverage

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Today, CBC announced a new partnership with Twitter Canada with the goal of targeting new online audiences using social media.

The Canadian news company will leverage Twitter Amplify to target and engage online audiences through tweets directly from the CBC, which will feature near-live video clips. In doing so, the CBC will be the first ever Canadian company to leverage Twitter Amplify.

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“The tool allows near-live Rio video content to reach audiences beyond CBC/Radio-Canada’s immediate network of followers, using ad-supported promoted tweets targeting Canadian users already engaging with the Games but not yet connected to CBC and Radio-Canada’s Olympic Games-dedicated accounts.”

In addition, CBC will be broadcasting more than 1275 hours of coverage on TV and more than 4000 live-streaming hours at and and via CBC and Radio-Canada’s apps for Rio 2016 for iOS and Android devices.

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