Cineplex Launches ‘CineClub’ Subscription Service to Lure Back Movie Fans

Cineplex has just announced CineClub, a $9.99 CAD monthly subscription service that will provide moviegoers with additional perks at theatres — reports The Star.

A CineClub subscription will cost less than a single movie ticket, and subscribers are currently slated to get one free movie every month, cheaper “member-priced” movie tickets, and a 20% discount on concession items.

Cineplex hopes that the subscription program will get more feet in the door at its theatres as operators across the globe start trying to recover and resume normal operation. The COVID-19 pandemic did quite the number on theatres, and being the largest cinema chain in Canada, Cineplex felt the brunt of lockdown-induced closures for the better part of a year.

In addition, theatres being disabled due to COVID-19 significantly altered viewing habits, with moviegoers acclimating to the comfortable world of in-home streaming and handing cinemas yet another loss in their battle against streaming platforms like Netflix and Disney+.

Even with cinemas now open, many blockbusters like Marvel’s Black Widow are seeing simultaneous theatre and online releases, resulting in lower ticket and concession sales.

The program was announced in Star Cineplex, the new iteration of the Cineplex Magazine under the cinema chain’s new owner, Torstar Corp., and should launch on August 11, according to the company’s website.