Customer Charged Over $6,000 After Exceeding Data Limit, Bell Admits ‘Billing Error’


After a customer was charged $6,474.17 for going over his 100GB data limit by 11GB, Bell has admitted to a “billing error”.

Derek, a Bell customer from Orangeville, Ontario, received the bill in November. However, this was a month that he was away from home and the building had no internet at the time.

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Derek secured an mobile internet plan with 100GB of data that would cost him $145 per month. During the month he went 11GB over his limit, which should have only cost him an extra $50. Bell said that he would owe a total of $500 in overage charges, but he contacted them and they said:

“They assured me it was an error and that they would fix it.”

However, he later received a notice saying that he owed $6,474.17. So Derek went on to hire a paralegal for $1,000 to help him deal with Bell. He is still in the process of dealing with Bell at the current time.

In a statement, Bell spokesman Nathan Gibson told Global News:

“We will be contacting the customer to make things right immediately. An error of this type is rare, and we will investigate all aspects of this unfortunate situation.”