Google to Push Developers Harder to Pay a Cut of Google Play In-App Purchases

Citing people familiar with the matter, a new report by Bloomberg is claiming that Google will be pushing harder for developers to pay a cut of Google Play in-app purchases and that it is planning to issue updated guidelines to developer as early as next week.

Google play

Much like Apple’s App Store, Google will be enforcing a requirement for most Google Play apps to use Google’s billing service for in-app content downloads, game upgrades, and subscriptions, which will give the company a 30% cut of purchases, notes the report.

When Google’s updated guidelines are implemented, major developers currently not in compliance will be given time to update their apps and are unlikely to be immediately removed.

“As an open platform, Android allows multiple app stores. In fact, most Android devices come with at least two stores right out of the box, and users can install others,” a Google spokesperson said in a statement. “For developers who choose to distribute their apps on Google Play, our policy has always required them to use Play’s billing system if they offer in-app purchases of digital goods.”

Google says it will be working with its partners to clarify its Play store policies and “ensure they are applied equitably and reasonably.”