Digg Reader Goes Live for the Masses, Now Crawling 4.5 Million Feeds

Digg Reader is now live and available for the public, after a week of testing and scaling the RSS reader’s backend infrastructure. Digg last reported they were serving 3.3 million feeds, but now they have announced that number is up to 4.5 million (and growing quickly).

Digg says they are working on some urgent features users have requested:

  • “View Unread Items Only” option for feeds and folders
  • “Mark As Unread” button
  • Accurate unread counts for feeds and folders

You can try out Digg Reader here or download their free iOS app here. Congrats to Digg for busting this out in 90 days. So far, the service works pretty well and does a good job of replicating the feel of Google Reader. Let us know what you think of Digg Reader in the comments!