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The Easiest Way to Remove AirPods from the Charging Case [VIDEO]

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Apple’s AirPods are pretty great (if you can find them in stock). But one challenge is removing them from the charging case and dropping the slippery earbuds. Which is why you should never attempt this standing over a toilet or dangling from a helicopter (peace out, AirPods).

There is an easier way, illustrated by John Gruber from Daring Fireball, to prevent your AirPods from slipping out from your fingers when removing them from the case. All you need to do is put your index finger where the charging light is, then grab and remove an AirPod, with your thumb over the speaker portion.

Just watch below:

However, while this method may work for those with small hands, those with larger fingers may still have difficulty. Another method, which works for me, is this one from Reddit: you put your finger over the charging light, then curl it towards you slightly, which will then pop the AirPod out, but still have it dangling in the case. Then, you can grab an AirPod easily to put them into your ears.

Check out my picture below (why are my iPhone 7 Plus low light images so horrible?):

IMG 2188

Alternatively, you can also just quarter turn each AirPod towards you, to achieve a dangling earbud to grab and put into your ears.

Let us know which AirPod removal tip works best for you!

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