Facebook Lite App Receives Dark Mode, Could Facebook’s Main App be Next?

Facebook Lite, the mobile alternative for those with slower connection speeds and smaller data caps, has received an update including the long-awaited ‘Dark Mode’.

According to TechRadar, Facebook Lite now joins Facebook’s Messenger app, Instagram, and WhatsApp in receiving Dark Mode. This has been widely requested from many mobile users over the years, and slowly but surely, Facebook has been making right by its community. However, the main Facebook app has not received the dark mode treatment.

Dark Mode is a favoured option for many users as it assists with light sensitivity, especially for those who are in front of a screen for prolonged periods of time. Facebook’s website is currently testing a dark mode option as a beta for a select amount of users.

While there is currently no indication of when or if the dark mode will hit the Facebook app, those eager to relieve their eyes from the harsh blue lights can download Facebook Lite for the time being. Available on both iOS and Android, users can download the app and easily find the dark mode toggle on the top righthand corner of the window within the settings.