Facebook Starts Automatically Enhancing Your Mobile Photos


Facebook has started enhancing photos that are uploaded to the social network using an iPhone, reports TechCrunch.

The social networking giant is automatically enhancing your photos using smart algorithms in an attempt to make them look better. By default Facebook will adjust lighting, shadows, and general clarity of your photos.

Currently the feature is rolling out to iPhone users, however, the report notes that Android phones will be getting the feature in the future. Desktop users look to be out of luck because it seems that Facebook is only interested in improving the quality of photos shot with a mobile device.

“Facebook tells me it will now auto-enhance newly uploaded photos starting today on iOS and soon on Android. You’ll be able to adjust a slider to control just how enhanced you want the light, shadow, and clarity, or revert back to your original shot.

The tool could make it much quicker to post well-lit photos so you can share on the go and get back to what you were doing.”


Facebook seems to be taking one of the strong points of Google+ and incorporating it into its own service. However, Google+ will auto enhance photos uploaded via mobile or desktop. Overall, this is good news for Facebook because nicer looking photos from your friends means a more enjoyable service all around.

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