First Hands-On: MagSafe Duo Charger Pops Up Online [VIDEO]

Magsafe duo charger

It appears the first unofficial hands-on video of Apple’s upcoming MagSafe Duo Charger has popped up online.

YouTube channel ‘DailyUse OS’ has shared a hands-on of MagSafe Duo (via @DanielWhite242), showing all sides of the wireless charger and also an iPhone 12 Pro and Apple Watch being charged. The hands-on appears to take place in China or by a Chinese user based on language settings of the iPhone.

MagSafe Duo showed up on Apple’s website today and will cost $169 CAD. The charger includes a MagSafe Charger and also an Apple Watch charger, but combined together in one foldable unit, with an expensive price tag.

Oddly enough, MagSafe Duo is not weighted so users will need two hands to separate their iPhones from the MagSafe charger. The unit has a Lightning port and not USB-C for charging.

There’s no timeline on when the charger will be available for sale, but it should be sometime soon.