FlatWorld Sues Apple For All Of Its Touch-Devices Including iPhone, iPod, iPad & Magic Mouse

As reported by Patently Apple, a company from Pennsylvania named FlatWorld, has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Apple in the California Northern District Court which covers Apple’s entire line-up of touch related products. The source however notes that FlatWorld’s claim doesn’t relate to Apple’s multi-touch technology in any way. FlatWorld alleges that Apple’s iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, iPad Nano (sixth generation), MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad have all infringed its patent.

Detailing from the source:

The patent background states that the inventor “developed a testing tool with a touch screen programmed to allow children to directly manipulate or move objects on the screen, and ‘hide’ them behind other objects.” It’s very difficult to understand how this relates to any of Apple’s iDevices or Magic Mouse for that matter. In my opinion, it’s simply a bizarre stretch. It’s also difficult for the average Joe to understand how a company who took assignment of a patent for the sole purpose of suing others can actually claim that they’ve been “damaged” in any way by products for which they have no equivalents.

The lawsuit, which was filed in San Francisco, is being judged by Judge Jacqueline Scott Corley.