Foldable iPhone Prototypes Reportedly Pass Apple’s Internal Tests

According to a report by Taiwanese website Economic Daily News, Foxconn has successfully completed durability tests of an Apple-designed folding hinge system for two different iPhones at its factory in Shenzhen, China (via MacRumors).

Foldable iPhone

Out of the two iPhone models, one is the same dual-display prototype rumoured by Apple leaker Jon Prosser earlier this year, which features two separate display panels connected by a hinge.

The second prototype, according to the source, sports a clamshell design similar to the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip or Lenovo’s Moto RAZR. The report also notes that this clamshell model is set to use a flexible Samsung OLED display.

It is unclear if the two devices to have been tested had different hinge systems. The test units are purported to be shells with very limited internals rather than fully-working devices. This is because the main purpose of the testing was to assess the durability of the Apple-designed hinge system.

The report adds that following successful testing, Apple will now be evaluating which of the two foldable models to proceed with.