New Updates Improve Google Meet Experience on Nest Hub Max


Google has today announced a handful of updates aimed at improving the experience of using Google Meet on the Nest Hub Max’s smart display. These updates include the following:

  • An in-call clock to keep meetings on schedule. Just tap on the screen to see it. 
  • Nameplates on user tiles to help you see who is in a meeting. 
  • Tap-to-pin specific users, so you can make an individual video feed larger if needed. Double tap on a feed to pin or unpin. 
  • 2×2 grid view, so you can see up to 4 meeting participants at once, including your own video. 
  • An overflow menu, so you can see call attendees not displayed in the grid view. 

The updates are now available for all organizations in the Google Workspace with the Google Assistant Beta program.

All features will be ON by default for any users who have already connected their Google Workspace account to a Nest Hub Max. To learn more about connecting your Google Workspace account to your Nest Hub Max, visit this link.