T&T Supermarket Chain Launches Alipay, WeChat Pay

Canada’s largest Asian grocery store T&T Supermarket has just become the first supermarket chain in the country to accept payments through mobile wallets, allowing customers to pay using Alipay and WeChat pay (via Richmond News).


All T&T locations across Canada have been equipped with the new payments system by AlphaPay, creating a convenient payment method for the local Chinese demographics. “The transaction process will take no longer than 3 seconds,” said Michael Wong, vice president of AlphaPay.

The new payment system at T&T allows customers to show the payment QR code of Alipay or WeChat Pay at the time of purchase. The funds are then automatically taken from the customer’s mobile wallet linked to their Chinese bank account:

“Consumers don’t need to worry about bringing cards or cash wherever they go. They can leave wallets at home as long as they have downloaded the WeChat Pay or Alipay app on the phone,” said Wong.

“At the end of the day, people expect a better shopping experience, especially at the supermarket; they even don’t want a 20-second delay. So we’ve invested a lot of effort to make sure both merchants and clients can process faster.”

AlphaPay is now planning to introduce the cashless concept to more consumers by expanding mobile payment services to other sectors.