AnandTech’s Analysis of M1 Reveals How Powerful Apple Silicon Macs Will Be

In a detailed analysis of Apple’s ground-breaking new M1 processing chip for the newly announced Macs and a comprehensive review of the already-released A14 SoC, the tech experts over at AnandTech have revealed just how powerful the upcoming new Apple silicon Macs will be.


The experts say that while currently they do not have Apple Silicon devices and likely won’t get their hands on them for another few weeks, they do have the A14, and expect the new Mac chips to be strongly based on the microarchitecture they’re seeing employed in the iPhone designs.


“The performance numbers of the A14 on this chart is relatively mind-boggling,” they say while adding that “the fact that Apple is able to achieve this in a total device power consumption of 5W including the SoC, DRAM, and regulators” is simply amazing.

It must be noted that the M1 has 35% more density and runs at a projected power of 18W.

“If I were to release this data with the label of the A14 hidden, one would guess that the data-points came from some other x86 SKU from either AMD or Intel. The fact that the A14 currently competes with the very best top-performance designs that the x86 vendors have on the market today is just an astonishing feat.”

You can read the lengthy review in its entirety at the source page.