How to Download Quebec’s Vaccine Passport App on iPhone, Android

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Starting September 1, 2021, Quebec will launch its COVID-19 vaccination passport in the province, requiring the latter for entry into non-essential businesses such as restaurants, gyms and more.

To prove your fully vaccinated status, one can do so by downloading Quebec’s vaccine passport app, named VaxiCode. It’s currently available for iPhone in the App Store; an equivalent Android version is set to launch next week.

The VaxiCode app proves your vaccinated status with a QR code. Your proof of vaccination is saved encrypted in the app and is not shared with third parties, says the province.

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VaxiCode will also require a weekly update via an online connection of vaccination protection rules. User consent will be asked before the update happens. This is the only time VaxiCode is connected to the internet, says Quebec.

How to set up the VaxiCode app on iPhone or iPod touch? You’ll need iOS 11 or newer, plus access to your camera is required.

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As of writing, Quebec’s VaxiCode apps are the top free apps in Apple’s App Store, ahead of YouTube and Instagram.

“You can add the QR code received by email or text after your most recent dose in the VaxiCode app. If you haven’t received your QR code, download it from the self-service portal. Then download VaxiCode and follow the instructions to add proof of vaccination. To access a place where a vaccine passport is required, simply open the application,” explains Quebec’s instructions.

Quebec Businesses Need to Download VaxiCode Verif App

For businesses, they need to download VaxiCode Verif, which allows them to easily scan a resident’s QR code from the VaxiCode app. Upon scanning a resident’s QR code, green means ‘valid’, while a red result means ‘invalid, as seen below:

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Ahead of Quebec’s COVID-19 vaccine passport requirements next week, you can download VaxiCode in the App Store today and get started on your iPhone. The VaxiCode Android app download will become available next week.

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