How to Get Black Front for (Product)RED iPhone for Only $17

Just a few days ago, Apple officially launched their (Product)RED iPhone and it looks awesome. Some folks have been voicing criticism saying that the red back would look a lot nicer with a black front.

The Verge has discovered that you can get the black front with a simple $17 (CAD) front panel protector. The transition to a black front is not perfect, as the home button is still white and you can see a slight white border around the sides, but it definitely helps a lot.

If you want a black front for your (Product)RED iPhone and you don’t mind the white home button, this option would be the best for you. You can easily find a black screen protector for your iPhone 7 on Amazon. For example, you can check out this Spigen tempered glass black screen protector for $17 on Amazon.

Users can also buy the black front for the iPhone and complete the full front panel replacement, but this method requires a lot more skill, patience, and money.