Infinity Blade 3 for iPhone Possibly Coming this Fall?

Could Infinity Blade III be coming soon? If we are to believe the CV of a staffer at Infinity Blade dev Chair Entertainment (via Kotaku) which noted they are working on “Infinity Blade 3 for the iPhone,” then it could be coming soon. The site points out the new community manager Hilary Goldstein hinted last month in an introductory post we could be expecting a new version of the game fairly soon.

Since the release of Infinity Blade II in late 2011, Epic Games sold off a 40% stake of itself to Chinese internet giant Tencent, which has been usually associated with freemium games–could this be the way of the future for the next Infinity Blade?

Kotaku further alludes Chair might unveil a new Infinity Blade at the launch of iOS 7 in the fall (plus show off support for a new third party game controller possibly), which has happened in the past with its other titles.

Infinity Blade II was recently featured as one of the free app downloads from Apple’s five year App Store anniversary celebration, which netted Chair 5.7 million new Infinity Blade players.