App Store Promotion Results in 5.7 Million New Infinity Blade II Players

Last week Apple celebrated the fifth anniversary of the App Store and gave away ten popular paid apps and games for free. One of them, which we spotted the day before the giveaway, was Infinity Blade II by Epic Games.

AllThingsD reports this Apple promotion boosted the company’s players by 5.7 million players in just seven days, with 1.7 million downloads on Monday, the first day of the giveaway.

The promo also spiked downloads of the original Infinity Blade, with two and half times more downloads compared to the week prior. Also, the ebook Infinity Blade: Awakening, had sales jump up 70 per cent last week as well.

To date, both Infinity Blade iOS games have sold almost 50 million copies in two and a half years, which is nothing short of impressive. When Apple promotes your game, it becomes an instant success story as over 600 million iOS devices become exposed to your game. Have you been playing Infinity Blade II?