iOS 13.4 Beta Includes ‘OS Recovery’ Feature for iPhone and iPad

With today’s release of iOS 13.4 beta 3, one of the new features found within is called ‘OS Recovery’, reports 9to5Mac:

The third beta version of iOS 13.4 reveals the existence of a new feature called “OS Recovery”, which is quite suggestive. As best we can tell, it looks like a new way to restore an iPhone, iPad, and other Apple devices without the need to connect them to a computer. It’s not yet possible to access it in the system as the feature is still under development and it could be scrapped at any time.

Apple Recovery iOS

Screenshot via 9to5Mac

Based on code within iOS 13.4 beta 3, ‘OS Recovery’ may work by allowing another iPhone or iPad to help restore a fellow iOS device, either by USB or over-the-air. The feature appears to work similarly to Apple’s Migration Tool, plus macOS Internet Recovery, which lets users reinstall an operating system over the internet and without the need for a separate computer on hand.

Such a feature as described may finally let iOS users ditch iTunes when it comes to dealing with major system restores, as that requires having your Mac or PC nearby to make it happen.