iOS 4.3 Drops Support For iPhone 3G & Second Generation iPod Touch

With the release of the first beta of iOS 4.3, it looks like Apple has dropped support for the iPhone 3G and second-generation iPod touch. As seen in the developer portal, neither the iPhone 3G or second-generation iPod touch are listed.

Currently, as of iOS 4.3 Beta 1, the following devices are supported:

  • iPad
  • iPhone 4
  • iPhone 3GS
  • iPod touch Fourth Generation
  • iPod touch Third Generation

Last year, some users installed iOS 4 on their iPhone 3G devices which was followed with complaints of the iPhone 3G being very slow and almost unusable. iOS 4.1 and iOS 4.2 did not do much to improve the situation. These problems were mostly due to the slow processor and less RAM in the iPhone 3G.

However, the unlisted devices may make an appearance in iOS 4.3 Beta 2, but if not, it seems that iOS 4.2 will be the latest firmware for the iPhone 3G and second-generation iPod touch.