iOS 8 Adoption Hits 47%, Sees Only Minor 1% Adoption Increase in Two Weeks

Apple has updated its Developer App Store Distribution page to note iOS 8 adoption has reached 47% of devices, as measured by the App Store as of October 5, 2014, now tied with iOS 7 at 47%.

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The previous rate of adoption was 46%, which was on September 21, 2014, just six days after the new mobile operating system’s public release. This means there was only a 1% increase in two weeks, which hints adoption may have slowed.

The slower growth can most likely be attributed to the recent iOS 8.0.1 SNAFU, a buggy release which caused users to lose cellular connectivity and disabled Touch ID fingerprint sensors. You can probably imagine how quickly people told friends and family not to update (I know we did).

iOS 8.0.2 was released shortly afterwards and it will be interesting to see how much these adoption numbers will change in the coming weeks.

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  • Riddlemethis

    I am actually surprised it is not less. With iOS 7, you can prevent the automatic over the air software update after deleting the update before installing. You didnt have that option with the earlier versions of iOS.

    On an older device (iPhone 5) there is noticeable lag with third party apps…at least in my experience. I was able to downgrade to iOS 7.1.2 because Apple this time “signed” iOS 7.1.2 for about a week or so after ioS 8. was introduced. This is in contrast to previous updates where the updates were unsigned within 24 hours of it’s release. I have no intention of updating. It still remains to be seen how iOS 8 will fair on the devices since the iphone 6 only has a measly 1 GB of RAM which, imo makes it the least “future proof” iPhone made to date.

  • HooDatty

    Makes sense. I reverted at least two dozen devices back to 7.1.2 myself before they closed the window. Ios 8 has to be their worst release ever in terms of bugs.

  • alphs22

    On an iPhone 5 with no issues on 8.0.2. I’m not sure which iOS 8 version you had previously.

    Notifications are greatly improved, Spotlight is much more useful, and the widgets are great. You’re missing out.

  • HooDatty

    Of course there are new features. Duh!
    There are also plenty of bugs and a major slowdown of overall performance, in some cases to the point of rendering the device unusable (ip4/ipad2/ipadmini/etc).

  • alphs22

    > There are also plenty of bugs and a major slowdown of overall performance, in some cases to the point of rendering the device unusable (ip4/ipad2/ipadmini/etc).

    That’s great, except I wasn’t talking about those devices.

  • hub2

    Took a chance and updated my iPhone 5 from iOS 7.1.2 to 8.0.2 (without clean install or restoring). Overall experience is positive, some occasional lag and long pauses in some apps.

    Biggest annoyance for me is the Home button response, where a press is occasionally misinterpreted as two presses (brings up app switcher) or a single long press (so Siri comes up).

    Made the jump mainly for the “Hey Siri” hands-free operation when powered, e.g. in my car. That actually works very well.

    Battery life is fine after double-checking background and cell data usage settings for most apps and services (especially Facebook) remain disabled like I had them under iOS 7.

  • Riddlemethis

    Very true…the web right now is full of folks commenting about crashes, bugs, and lags on all devices even the i6. I think in part it is to do with low memory because of the OS: ~450 MB more than iOS 7. And iOS 7 was a major update and the percentage increase (for consuming RAM) wasn’t as high as with iOS 7 to iOS 8.

  • HooDatty

    Memory leak maybe, but not low memory.

  • Riddlemethis

    how can you be certain? think about it….iOS 8 sucks up a lot of RAM and if you have other 3rd party apps running (which are often not made well) in the background, it’s a recipe for disaster.