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iPad Pro Release Date Coming Soon as it Gets FCC Approval

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Ipad pro 1

According to the FCC database, the iPad Pro has received its approval from the telecommunication agency on the 15th of October, and has been registered as model number “A1652” with both the Wi-Fi and LTE models getting the approval, as pointed out by GforGames.

“As usual, the FCC documents don’t reveal much about the tablet’s overall specifications, but their existence alone brings the iPad Pro closer to the finish line. How close, we don’t know, but so far an early-November launch seems like a pretty good bet”.

Apple unveiled the new iPad Pro last month at the iPhone 6s / 6s Plus launch event, announcing that it will hit the shelves sometime in November. Even though all previous rumours have hinted at a late November release, the device’s FCC approval however seems to suggest that the iPad Pro could become available in the first week of November.

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While we don’t yet have a specific iPad Pro release date, I’m sure we’ll find out within the next week or so. Stay tuned.

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