iPhone 11 Will Now be Manufactured at Foxconn Facility in India

Apple’s flagship iPhone 11 will start being manufactured in India at Foxconn’s plant near Chennai. This will be a first for the company, as no other top-of-the-line model has been manufactured in the country.

New comes by way of The Economic Times, who claimed to have been told by two senior executives that production of the iPhone 11 will be conducted in phases. Apple may consider exporting the devices made in India as a way to increase its independence from China.

Currently, Apple continues to sell the iPhone 11 handsets made in China to the Indian market. This shift in manufacturing may enable Apple to begin saving roughly 22% of import duty. It may also open up the option to cut the price of the iPhone 11 in the future. Apple’s decision to manufacture the iPhone 11 at Foxconn’s India plant also comes at a time when US-China relations are rocky, to say the least.

This transition is bolstered by the fact that the iPhone 11 is the biggest seller in India. Additionally, two other iPhone models are currently being manufactured in the country. The iPhone XR is also manufactured at Foxconn’s India plant, while the iPhone 7 is made at the Wistron facility. According to the report, Apple is also considering having the iPhone SE manufactured at the Wistron facility as well.

Recently, the second-largest iPhone assembler Pegatron filed a subsidiary in India.