iPhone 12 Became World’s Best-Selling 5G Smartphone in Just 2 Weeks

Despite a delayed launch, the iPhone 12 became the world’s best-selling 5G smartphone model within two weeks of its release in October. According to Counterpoint’s Research, the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro together captured close to one-fourth of the total 5G smartphone sales in October.

Iphone 12 5g

The iPhone 12 also entered the top 10 bestseller list of 5G devices for January-October 2020, attaining the seventh position. “This is a big achievement, considering the new iPhone series was available for only two weeks in October,” notes the source.

The source also highlights that demand for the iPhone 12 series is likely to remain strong through Q4 2020, especially during the festive season in December.

Strong sales for Apple will also drive the volumes in the premium segment, raising the global ASP. Due to the late launch, some of the sales will be pushed to subsequent months, thus maintaining the momentum of the iPhone 12 series in early 2021 as well.

Through the iPhone 12 series, Apple has also given a much-needed push to the 5G smartphone market, which cornered its highest ever share of 24% in the global smartphone sales in October.

Compared to most of the other 5G models, the iPhone 12 has a wider market coverage with availability in over 140 countries.