iPhone 5S, Lower-Cost iPhone ‘to Be Unveiled in June at the Earliest’ [Digitimes]

Apple will reportedly launch two new iPhones as early as June, Digitimes’ Taiwanese supply chain sources whispers. The company has allegedly asked makers in its supply chain to boost production capacity to 20 million units a month.


The two new iPhones, to be unveiled in June at the earliest, will include a revised version of the iPhone 5 and another low-cost iPhone model, which will be comparable to the iPhone 4S in hardware specifications but with a lower specification display and processor, the sources indicated.

Shipments of new iPhones are expected to start at the end of June and reach a peak in August-September, said the sources, adding that shipment volumes of all iPhones are likely to reach 100-120 million units in the second half of 2013.

The information is in line with previous whispers about the iPhone entering mass production in June or July. What differs, though, is that Digitimes put the launch right after WWDC, as shipments of new iPhones are set for the end of June and peak in August and September, which means about 100–200 million units for the second half of 2013.