Apple’s iWork iOS Apps Now Support iOS 13 and iPadOS

Apple has today rolled out the latest updates for its iWork apps for iOS, bringing full support for iOS 13 and iPadOS to Pages, Keynote, and Numbers. All three apps now also support the system-wide dark mode in iOS 13 as well as the new text editing and navigation gestures, among other changes.


Following today’s update, the Pages app now lets you capture a screenshot of an entire presentation, mark it up, and then easily share it as a PDF.

You can access files from a USB drive, external hard drive, or file server, add accessibility descriptions to audio, video and drawings, and also select multiple objects by pressing Shift or Command on a hardware keyboard.

Similarly, the updated Numbers and Keynote apps let you work in multiple spaces or edit two spreadsheets side by side in Split View on your iPad. You can also use custom fonts installed from the App Store, and listen to an audio representation of your chart using VoiceOver.

All three apps now also support HEVC-formatted films, enabling reduced file size while preserving visual quality. The free updates are now live in the App Store.