Apple Finally Fixes the Keyboard in iOS 8.3 with Longer Space Bar [PIC]

IOS 8 1 3 Keyboard 800x287

As pointed out by the folks over at MacRumors, Apple has finally solved the long standing issue of accidental period key taps faced by a vast number of iOS users, by slightly changing the design of the keyboard in iOS 8.3 and making the space bar longer. The change was first observed in iOS 8.3 beta 2 now also appears to be present in the third beta of the pre-release release.

While not necessarily a bug, the design issue was an inconvenience for many users and prompted several complaints on social media and within our discussion forums. Twitter user Austin Spencer, for example, voiced his frustration rather succinctly.

@AustinSpencer_ : I.cannot.adjust to.the.period being.over.the.old .spot on.the.iPhone 6.Plus

The issue has been faced by iPhone 6 Plus users in particular, who find their Safari searches littered with periods because Apple did not extend the space bar to account for the extra space on device’s larger display. Instead, the company just made the “Go” button larger to fill the extra space. But now, the issue seems to have finally been taken care of.

Yesterday, Apple launched the third beta of iOS 8.3, which also marks the first iPhone and iPad software version to be seeded to both developers and the public for testing.