Koodo Promo: iPhone 5s for $0 on Contract with $45 Plan

Koodo has a promo right now where you can get an iPhone 5s on their normal Tab subsidy (up to $360 subsidy versus Tab Plus, which offered up to $500) with $0 upfront on contract, with a minimum $45 per month plan that offers 500MB of data.

Essentially this puts the phone’s cost at $360, which users will pay off over two years ($15 x 24). If you decide to cancel, you could then pay $35 to unlock it and get an iPhone 5s for $395. Apple sells an unlocked iPhone 5s for $599 outright still.

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The only colour available is Space Grey and it’s for the 16GB model. Koodo says the “offer” ends on February 22, 2016.

Screenshot 2016 02 12 10 46 24

There are rumours the ‘iPhone 5se’ is coming out next month, so you may want to hold off on the iPhone 5s for now. But if there are first-time iPhone users that don’t need the latest and greatest, the iPhone 5s may just do the job.