Lyft Announces New Health and Safety Standards for Riders and Drivers

With local governments easing stay-at-home orders around the globe, Lyft is taking measures to protect the riders and drivers by announcing a Health Safety Program which establishes new health and safety standards for ridesharing.


Lyft’s new Health Safety Program includes the following four initiatives:

  1. Personal health certification for drivers and riders
  2. Required face masks for drivers and riders
  3. Health safety education for drivers and riders
  4. Distribution of cleaning supplies and masks for drivers

Before using Lyft, every rider and driver will be required to self-certify that they will wear face masks throughout the ride, are symptom-free, and will follow CDC and local guidelines related to COVID-19. Passengers will not ride in the front seat and windows will be left open to avoid recirculated air when possible.

Moreover, Lyft will provide face coverings in Toronto at no cost to drivers. The ridesharing company has ordered hundreds of thousands of cloth face coverings for drivers and will continue to alert drivers when these supplies are available.

Anyone who does not agree to the Personal Health Certification will be unable to request a ride or drive with Lyft.