Apple Maps Makes it Easier to Add COVID-19 Testing Locations

Apple is making it easier to find COVID-19 testing sites on Apple Maps.

According to a new report from 9to5Mac, the Apple Business Register site for Apple Maps’ dedicated COVID-19 listings gives healthcare workers, labs, and other related businesses a way to submit information about testing locations. Once the information is submitted, the test site will then be added to Apple Maps, where it then becomes searchable and navigable just like other businesses.

The process is similar to the Apple Maps Connect portal normally used by businesses to add information to Apple Maps, just with information specific to COVID-19 testing locations.

Approved testing locations appear as a red medical glyph with a unique “COVID-19 Testing Site” notifier. Apple Maps also displays the location’s name, associated healthcare provider, contact number, website, and additional information regarding the type of testing. Apple is also asking applicants to state whether the testing location will require a doctor’s referral or a scheduled appointment.

Apple doesn’t specify how long it takes for a new testing site to be added to Apple Maps but says that it is working quickly to verify and add as many testing locations as possible worldwide.

The move follows an announcement yesterday where Apple and Google revealed they were working together on a COVID-19 “contact tracing” system, one which could help reduce the spread of the coronavirus.