“More.” Cases Contest Results!!

Congratulations to the following winners of the More. Cases Contest! Thanks to everyone who entered. Here are the winning responses:

For the “Red Magic” case:


Neil’s response:

“What I like best about my G3.
It has to be the calendar,I�d be lost without it,the old memory box is not what it use to be!!!
I dont need to carry my little note book around with me any more,bonus.
I do love everything else about the phone as well.
Mid life crisis you gota have the toys right.
I would have to have the The Red Magic case,obviously because you know the eyes are going to be the next thing to go so at least I should be able to find a nice big RED case lying around the house.”

For the “Diamond” series:


Rude’s response:

“I love my iPhone 3G because it is the ultimate invitation to social intercourse. Diamond series case for that �ribbed� sensation, please. Thanx!”

For the White “Color Series”:


erice02o’s response:

“More than a month after buying my 3G, its still naked! I have a transparent screen protector though, so I�m half safe.

I was looking at that semi transparent/white �Color Series� skin, and noticed that over the black phone, it gives an almost grey color�.well well well! I am currently in the process of designing a Winterboard theme that uses transparent icons, with grey semi-transparent onset pictures, and a soft blue-grey video wallpaper. I�m going for something that is easy on eyes. I think it would compliment my theme entirely, and would blend with it almost seamlessly�anything else would be too contrasting and kill the theme.

Oh yeah, is it �grey� or �gray�? I can never remember”

For the “Ultra Slim” Pink Case:

Christopher Cotrell

Christopher Cotrell’s Response:

“I like pink!”

Winners that were chosen above, please email me your name and/or forum handle and a shipping address.

Thanks to all the winners and participants.