National Bank Launches Apple Pay for Mastercard, Debit Coming Soon

Yesterday, we first told you National Bank was set to launch Apple Pay on August 1, and as expected, the bank has debuted support for the iPhone’s mobile wallet.

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National Bank customers can now add their Mastercards to Apple Pay. Here are the following credit cards eligible:

  • Echo Cashback
  • World Elite
  • World
  • Allure
  • Edition
  • Platinum
  • Banking SolutionsTM
  • Syncro
  • MC1® Gold Ovation
  • Escapade
  • National Bank Ultramar
  • National Bank CAA Rewards
  • Private Banking 1859 World Elite

National Bank says customers need to download the latest version of their iOS app, which was updated today to support Apple Pay.

As for debit card support, it’s not here yet, but National Bank says it’s coming soon: “We plan to offer this option so you can take full advantage of the benefits of mobile payments. We plan to launch mobile debit payments on Apple Pay in the months following this announcement.”

Let us know how Apple Pay works for you if you’re a National Bank customer.