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Nest Audio Speaker Pricing: $129 in Canada, Save $25 If You Buy 2

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Nest audio

Google has announced its new Nest Audio smart speaker, available in five colours and priced at $129 in Canada. Google’s online store says “save $25 for every two you buy”, allowing for a lower price when you buy multiple speakers. So you can get two of these for $234.98 CAD, or $117.49 CAD each.

The Nest Audio speaker is shaped like a ciabatta bun and looks to be covered in cloth fabric and is touted as having really high sound quality.

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Nest audio woofer

Nest Audio speaker specs:

  • 19mm tweeter
  • 75mm mid-woofer
  • 75% more volume; 50% more bass
  • Made from 70% recycled plastic
  • 4 LEDs under the fabric
  • Available October 5, 2020

Google is pushing Nest Audio as one way to create a whole home audio experience, which looks to take a bite out of Sonos, which sued Google yesterday, ahead of today’s event.

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