Netflix List of 2018 Smart TV Recommendations Now Available

Netflix has announced their 2018 list of recommended televisions, which aim “to help consumers identify smart TVs that offer better performance, easier menu navigation, and new features that improve the experience for internet TV services.”

According to the company in an email, when you see the “Netflix Recommended TV” logo, it means the device has passed testing and will ensure great performance and easy access to Netflix.

Netflix smart tv

Users should expect these televisions to:

  • Starts up instantly and gets to Netflix (or other internet TV services) within just a few seconds.
  • Allows users to move quickly and easily between apps
  • Comes with the latest version of Netflix
  • Can support newer, more immersive Netflix browsing experiences, like video previews

Netflix says in order for a television to gain this recommended designation, it must meet 5 of 7 criteria, such as: TV Instant On; Fast App Launch; Netflix Button; Easy Netflix Icon Access; TV Resume; High-res Netflix Interface; Latest Netflix version.

For 2018, the first Netflix Recommended TVs include:

Also, below are last year’s recommended models—which you may find for cheaper now at some retailers:

Netflix recently announced it would launch an audio series to let customer keep up with their growing content library. You can click here to see what’s new on Netflix Canada in May.