New Device Case Turns iPhone Into ECG Monitor

The iPhone has hundreds of thousands of apps that teach, entertain, and amuse. This week, LifetoneTechnology is demonstrating iPhonECG, a system that turns your iPhone 4 into a Electrocardiography monitor (ECG).

Before even continuing on, there’s something profound about being able to use your iPhone 4, basically a cell phone, to monitor your heart rate. Electrocardiography (ECG or EKG) is a transthoracic interpretation of electrical activity of the heart over time captured and recorded by skin electrodes.

The iPhonECG app, in conjunction with a new device case that features two electrodes, can effectively monitor your heart rate. The case, with iPhone 4, is placed on your hands or chest and the compliment app identifies and charts your heart rhythm.

The video below includes a great demo of the system and brings a smirk to my face. This is stuff we see in science fiction movies!

LifetoneTechnology will introduce the device at CES 2011.