Nokia Moving Into Digital Health, Announces Withings Rebrand

After buying Withings last year for $192.3 million and making it a key part of its Digital Health business, Nokia has announced it’s going all the way. Starting this summer, all Withings products will be rebranded under the Nokia name, reads a new report from Forbes.

Starting sometime early summer this year, Withings’ range of smartwatches, digital scales, and other smart devices will come under the Nokia brand. Withings also announced changes to its Health Mate app, and its plans to share user data with “caregivers” through its Patient Care solution — moves that sees the company take Apple’s HealthKit head on.

“This is what we have been working towards for last several months. We’re ready to travel to the mobile world,” Cedric Hutchings, Nokia’s VP of Digital Health, told MobiHealthNews in an interview.

“It’s a completion of our acquisition and it’s a realization of what has been a shared vision of who we are in digital health,” Hutchings coninues. “Now it’s really clear and consistent that we have come to users to the market under a single brand, and in doing so, we are moving a step further with the application and platform.”

The move was part of a series of new developments at the business, which will include a redesigned Health Mate application. The announcement was made ahead of the Mobile World Congress conference in Barcelona, Spain on Sunday.

Withings is one of the pioneers of the wearable tech industry, and the creator of a wide portfolio of wearable devices and high tech gadgets. This includes its stylish Activite range of watches, the E Ink tracker and thermometer, along with its connected range of products that include smart scales, an air quality detecting camera, sleep system and blood pressure monitor.