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Ontario’s Distracted Driving Fines Now Nearly $500 Starting Today

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Today marks stiffer road fines for drivers in Ontario, part of the provincial government’s efforts to make roads safer.

For those convicted of distracted driving, they now face a minimum fine of $490 (an increase of $210 from the previous $280 fine) and three demerit points.

OPP Sgt. Dave Rektor told CBC News “Since 2009, more than 500 people have died in collisions in OPP-controlled roads, in which driver inattention was a causal factor,” adding “Statistically speaking, distracted driving has exceeded impaired driving as a causal factor in fatal collisions.”

Here are some other changes effective today:

  • Dooring cyclists or vehicles: drivers who open doors without looking causing bikes to crash into them face a new minimum fine of $365 and 3 demerit points
  • Passing cyclists: New $110 minimum fine and 2 demerits; drivers must pass with at least 1 metre; fine jumps to $180 in community safety zones
  • Bicycle lighting: Cyclists without proper bike lights and reflectors face a fine of $110 (up from $20)
  • Tow trucks: Drivers now need to slow down and make room for these vehicles, like they do emergency vehicles, or face a $490 fine.

What do you think of these new updated fines in Ontario?

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