Pocket on the Web Updated with ‘Explore’ Page, New Features

Pocket, the popular cross-platform app and service for managing a reading list of articles from the web, has today received three new features to improve your overall experience. An all new Pocket Explore page makes it easy for anyone to search and discover the best of the best on any topic, while two new features have been added to Pocket’s popular Chrome Extension.


Upon your first visit, the Pocket Explore page will greet you with a question: What interests you? You can search for just about any subject, such as urban design, comedy or the latest HBO / Netflix show that’s blowing up. Whatever it may be, the most interesting stories, profiles, videos and deep-dives the web has to offer for that topic are now at your fingertips, hand-selected by the Pocket community.

As you continue to explore, you’ll also notice a set of Related Topics near the top of the page. For a more guided experience, you can check out back-issues of Pocket Hits, a newsletter that features the day’s 10 most interesting stories, trending topics and pages. “This is a very early Beta version of what we have to offer, which means there is a lot more to come”, says Pocket.

In addition to Pocket Explore, we are also thrilled to launch two new features coming to our Chrome Extension. 

Come across an article that interests you? Now, when you save it using Pocket’s Chrome Extension, we’ll show you related stories. Whether you view them now, or save them to Pocket for later, Related Recommendations let you instantly connect with great content on the topics you care about.

Now when you open a new tab on Chrome, you’ll see 3 must-read stories that are worth checking out right now or saving to Pocket for later. You’ll also see a list of topics trending on the Web at that moment. Open them to see the best and most relevant stories on the big, newsworthy headlines of the day.

If you don’t yet have the Pocket Chrome Extension, you can get it at this link. To learn more on customizing your Pocket experience, click here.