Quibi Mobile-Only Streaming Service Launches 7 New Shows

Quibi new april 13

Last week, mobile-only streaming service Quibi launched in Canada with a free 90-day trial. The service costs $6.99 CAD per month once the trial is over, offering mobile-optimized shows featuring some Hollywood A-listers and backed by nearly $2 billion USD in investment funding.

Today, Quibi announced the launch of seven new shows, available now:

  • The Stranger (scripted)
  • #FreeRayshawn (scripted)
  • Agua Donkeys (scripted)
  • 50 States of Fright (scripted)
  • Elba vs. Block (unscripted)
  • Fight Like a Girl (unscripted)
  • Let’s Roll with Tony Greenhand (unscripted)

New titles coming the week of April 20 include:

  • Dummy (scripted) – Starring Anna Kendrick
  • Iron Sharpens Iron (unscripted)
  • Fashion’s a Drag (Daily Essentials)

New titles coming then week of April 27 include:

  • Cup of Joe (unscripted) – Starring Joe Jonas
  • Floored (unscripted)

Quibi will release new shows on Mondays with new episodes available daily (Mon-Fri) until a series is complete. The company says three new episodes of each new show are available today.

The company’s CEO, Meg Whitman, told CNBC today Quibi saw 1.7 million app downloads in its first week. To put this into perspective, Disney+ saw over 10 million downloads in a single day.

We watched one episode of Punk’d…it wasn’t quite the same as the original Ashton Kutcher series. I haven’t given much time to the other shows, but I can see how this service might appeal to people commuting to work every day.