iRobot Launches Roomba j7+ Christmas Tree Avoidance Update

iRobot has launched its new Version 6.2 software update focused on Christmas tree avoidance. This new feature is the latest for the Roomba j7+ and its AI detection system.

The Version 6.2 update officially began rolling out to users on November 29. As revealed in the iRobot Home app software release notes, “Support for holiday tree recommendations” is a key feature in the update. Working alongside the avoidance system of the j7+, which enables the Roomba to detect cords and solid pet waste, the Roomba can now avoid bumping into a user’s Christmas tree.

Based on the advanced machine learning of the Roomba j7+, users can set a “keep out zone” on the iRobot Home app wherever their Christmas tree may reside. However, they may designate a “clean zone” surrounding the tree to have the Roomba sweep and clean any fallen pine needles, tinsel, etc.

iRobot has been continuously adding to the avoidance detection system of the Roomba j7+. In addition to being able to avoid cords, pet waste, and now Christmas trees, the automated vacuum can avoid other household items like shoes, socks, and headphones. It’s all integrated into the device’s machine learning system.

Alongside the ability to avoid Christmas trees, the Version 6.2 update also grants users the ability to backup and restore their maps during a factory reset. Moving forward, users will no longer need to remap their homes after a system reset. This feature will be supported on the i6,i7,i8,j7,s9, and m6 models only. Bug fixes are also included in the software update.

Last month, iRobot introduced the ability to copy Smart Maps from one robot to another in order to save time in remapping their home when introducing a new device in the household.